Shag Forge: Martí Gasool & Sandy Lewis (EN)


Join us in Warsaw for the first edition of the Shag Forge workshops on the third weekend of September! Shag Forge is a unique opportunity to form and polish your dancing abilities with amazing international teachers!

For the participants’ comfort and convenience and to optimize effects of classes – we limited the number of participants to 30 in each of three levels.

During the first edition of the Shag Forge we’ll present to you an incredibly talented and inspiring couple of teachers from Barcelona – Martí Gasool & Sandy Lewis!
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But that’s not all. To get the most from the workshops and to reach even higher level of the participants’ dancing skills improvement, we full filled Collegiate Shag classes with additional 2 hours of speciality workshops dedicated to general dancing technique, effectiveness of movement in swing dancing, energy flow, body center awareness and lines. The classes will be taught by Krysia Dębicka.
Aside of amazing classes – be prepared for some musical surprises, great parties and dance contests!


Shag Forge with Martí & Sandy is the second from the Swing Dance Forge series of events which core idea is to create an opportunity for Polish (but not only) dancers to learn and to get inspired by renowned international teachers. Swing Dance Forge project combines workshops of particular swing dance forms with working on a general quality and technique of movement.

Martí Gasool & Sandy Lewis (Barcelona, Catalonia)

Sandy Lewis was born and raised in south Louisiana dancing to Cajun and Zydeco music. After moving to Barcelona she began swing dancing and immediately fell in love with collegiate shag. Besides shag, you can find her dancing balboa, boogie and even a little bit of blues all around the world.

Martí Gasol can be found climbing mountains, skiing and dancing swing on the dance floors around Europe and beyond. He’s an avid boogie dancer and award-winning lindy hopper.


Sandy and Martí united as partners in their passion for collegiate shag just two short years ago and they have been trotting the globe and teaching the dance in cities such as Copenhagen, Hamburg and now Warsaw!

They are both founding members of the Barcelona Shag Society, which aims to bring collegiate shag dance and culture to the forefront of Barcelona’s dance scene.

These two crazy kids love to show off their skills in energetic choreos and keep it fun. Their classes focus on technique and musicality, and they work harder every day to bring shag to their students. Oh, and they’re both big fans of pierogis and kielbasa!

Krysia Dębicka (Warsaw, Poland)

Certified GYROKINESIS teacher. Her journey as a dancer began with contemporary dance. Final-year student at the Dance Theatre Department. Three years ago she fell in love with dances from the 20. and 30 such as Lindy Hop, Charleston, Authentic Jazz, Shag and they have been her biggest passion ever since.

Through her knowledge of different movement techniques Krysia created a training dedicated especially to
Swing Dancers. She puts emphasis on combining freedom and precision in creating movements. The class encourages to explore links between body weight, gravity and breathing, showing how they influence the quality of movement. An important part of workshops she gives is also working on the conscious use of the body in space, using momentum, suspension and the flow of energy. The dynamic and fun exercises are improving motor memory, coordination and enhance physical ability strenghtening the body evenly along.

“My main goal is to remind people of just how good it feels to move. I perceive movement as a primar form of expression, which helps me to define and understand my own space, not only on stage, but also in a wider sense – in life. That is why I find it important to give people the opportunity to explore their body through improvisation.”


Shag Forge Full Pass: 60 € (3 hours of collegiate shag + 2 hours of body movement technique classes + parties)
Before you register please take a look at WORKSHOPS TERMS AND CONDITIONS.




Choose this level if:
• you are dancing shag for 3 months minimum
• you know basics (slows and quicks) and you know how to use them to create 6-count and 8-count versions of the basic step
• you know how to finish the musical phrase nicely with your dance
• you know some footwork variations for slows and quicks
• you are able to lead or follow slows and quicks in close and side by side positions


Choose this level if:
• you are dancing shag for 6 months minimum
• you dance shag regularly on the parties
• you easily dance to middle shag tempo
• you experiment with footwork variations while dancing
• you know basic transitions between various positions (open and closed position, side by side, hand to hand, cuddle, sailor)
• you know the basic versions of such elements as cross kicks, cross overs, camel hops


Choose this level if:
• you are dancing shag for 12 months minimum
• you dance to fast shag tempo
• you listen to the music and you can react with your dance
• you experiment with footwork variations enriching them with rhythm changes and personal styling
• you know lots of variations of the basic step in various positions
• you lead or follow slows and quick in various positions
• you know some variations of swingouts/shagouts, cross kicks, cross overs, camel hops

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